You probably already know what spring colors look best on you, and  best express your unique style statement. But every color has a deeper  meaning. 

Do you know what your favorite Easter prints and colors say  about you?


  • Yellow – When you wear yellow, you radiate  happiness and energy. Yellow—the brightest color perceived by the human  eye—symbolizes sunshine, youth and friendship.

  • Blue – Do you value tranquility and harmony? Then  perhaps blue is your wardrobe color of choice. Light blues are cool and  calming; deeper blues signify intelligence and loyalty. (No wonder blue  is such a popular favorite!)

  • Green – If you love green, perhaps you’re an earth  mother. Green is the color of nature and healing. While shades like mint  and seafoam convey vitality and growth, darker greens are associated  with abundance and wealth.

  • Orange – Are you adventurous? Do you like stealing  the show? Then you may love wearing vibrant shades of tangerine and  coral—stimulating colors of warmth and fun. If you’re drawn to softer  citrus shades like peach and apricot, chances are, you’re in touch with  your creative side.

  • Purple – If you love purple, perhaps you’re  descended from royalty! Nothing makes you feel more regal than deep,  rich purple—the color of kings and queens. While violet hues convey  mystery and magic, lavenders often project femininity and youth.

  • Pink – We all know pink is the most feminine color  on the spectrum (and also one of the most flattering). But shading is  everything: while pale pinks can represent sweetness and romance, hot  pinks convey confidence, energy and excitement. Go girl!

  • White – White is a traditional favorite for church  attire, since it’s symbolic of light, purity and piety in many cultures.  However, white suits and dresses also convey simplicity and elegance—so  it’s always a just-right choice.