Motherhood is the single most glorious—and yet gut-wrenching—job  on earth. As mothers, we have the privilege of enjoying these beautiful  little creatures that fill us with wonder and laughter…balanced by the  fearsome responsibility of raising them to be strong, safe and true. Chances are, you find yourself doing things for your child that you  never dreamed of doing for someone else. 

You may be occasionally  startled to hear your mom’s words of warning spilling out of your mouth,  the ones you swore you’d never say. You may even have mastered “the  look”—the same one your mom or grandma bestowed on you when you were  getting sassy. As African American mothers, we are charged with teaching our sons  and daughters about our proud heritage, while preparing them to move  gracefully in a world that is not always welcoming or even safe. It’s a very big job. And while you’re always busy taking care of  others, take some time to celebrate yourself. 

What makes you happy?  Whether it’s a new outfit or an outing or a few hours to yourself, be  sure to treat yourself to a wonderful Mother’s Day, too.